Disney Planning: Magicbands & Fastpass+

Hello again! I started this blog post earlier in the day after getting some last minute shopping done (since my daughter decided to wear her Easter shoes before Easter and completely destroy them lol).   However, my dad isn’t too computer savvy , and after I walked away he went on the computer.  In his mind, in order to use the computer himself he needs to close out every open tab, and just start over. It’s too funny to actually be mad about. So I’m gonna try this again!

Today we are going to talk about magicbands and fastpasses!  I considered not touching on this as a blog post, but I was a little overwhelmed and confused by the information about them when I first starting planning our vacation so I figured it might be worth mentioning.


Magicbands are an all-in-one kind of thing that is exclusively for those staying in a Disney resort!  After booking your Disney vacation, you can create a My Disney Experience Account.  This will allow you to choose the color of your magicbands, and link all of your information to them. 


Magicbands and basic color choice are free of charge, and will be sent to your home before you leave for your trip.  You can, of course, pay to make them extra special by choosing patterns instead of solid colors OR charms! (shown below) In order to get these cool skins and charms on the Disney Store website.

So what exactly does your magicband DO?  Well, are you sick of always having to have a keycard for your room, tickets for the parks, and tickets for your meals?  Always afraid you’re going to lose one of them?  Fear no more! All of this information is IN your magicband. Charges can also be made to the magicband, but only when staying at a Disney resort and when a credit card is presented at the hotel during check-in (the magicband charges will be charged to your resort account). It opens your resort room, it’s your park ticket, AND it holds your meal plan.  You can ALSO save your fastpass selections on your magicband!  All-in-all it’s a pretty cool service.  While these are given to Disney resort customers, anyone can order them through the Disney store and collect them all!


So what is the deal with fastpasses? You can reserve time to visit attractions, entertainment, and character experiences.  When you reserve a time you have an entire hour to arrive. For example,let’s say you make a fastpass selection to meet Tiana at 3pm.  You have from 3pm-4pm to arrive for that experience.   You can even arrange for special viewing areas during select shows.  Fastpass selections can be made up to 60days before check-in if you’re staying in a Disney resort.   You can only make 3 fastpass selections in advance for each day.  After you redeem the first three, you can make another 3 selections at fastpass stations located around the parks! 

There are definitely tricks to getting the most out of the fastpass experience. For the BEST information on how to do this, and suggested times and plans for park attractions I highly suggest touringplans.com


Come back tomorrow! I’ll be writing about each Disney park !


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