Disney Planning: How do you tell the kids?


I thought today would be a good time for a topic I find extremely enjoyable and exciting! I’m sure you’ve all see the videos of kids excitingly learning they are going on a trip to Disney, I mean, who hasn’t? I’ve looked through this topic quite a bit, and there are a few suggestions on how to handle when/how to tell your kids about your Disney vacation.  Of course, do whatever you feel is best for you and your family!

The Big Surprise!

So obviously the first way to go about telling your kids is to make the entire trip a surprise! How exactly, well there are quite a few ideas floating around out there, but before we continue I’d like to say a few things.  Please remember that all children are different. Not all kids will deal well with a surprise. If you don’t believe me, look up Disney surprise fails on youtube.  There have been plenty of kids who were upset instead of overjoyed.  You know your child’s personality better than anyone else, so really use your discretion when deciding how to tell them. Some kids are also too small to really understand what’s happening. In many of the videos I’ve seen, the kids were excited to get packages and other Disney trinkets, but really didn’t understand the magnitude of what was happening (despite that, I’ve decided I want to try the big reveal myself lol). 

  1. The Scavenger hunt

This seems to be a pretty popular option with children who are a little older. The idea is to give them a clue, that leads them to the next clue, until they finally get to the ultimate prize – a trip to Disney World!

2. Character Reveal

This is a pretty cool idea, and one I am currently in the works of working out myself (I’ll fill you in as I have answers).  There are a few different ways to go with this.  You can have someone call you child as a Disney character to reveal the news (apparently there are people you can actually hire to do this from fiverr).  You can also hire a character to come to your home and surprise your child in person.  I imagine this kind of service would be a bit pricey, but has the potential to be really awesome.   OR you can have someone you know (who will be in Disney before you) take a video of a Disney character inviting your child to come visit them. (The aunt in the below video was super dedicated and dressed up as a princess herself to do the reveal!)

3. Package from Disney

Pack a box filled with Disney goodies they’ll need such as character P.J.s, tshirts, and some toys.  Wrap it and put it on the doorstep with a note from Mickey.   If you can, have someone ring the doorbell, and then let the kids open their present!  You can even order baskets from Disney Florist, and have them delivered to your door. My favorite video I’ve seen (not based on child reaction, just on the setup of the surprise) was a woman who left a trail of mickey footprints to the front door where there was a huge box filed with Disney goodies for when her kids woke up.  Very easy to do, especially for smaller children.

4. Don’t tell them

This one can be tricky, BUT you can just not tell them where they are going. Get in the car and drive there and let them figure it out for themselves. If you’re flying, you can pretend you’re dropping someone off at the airport before dropping the bomb!

5. Travel Surprise

Along the same lines as telling them at the airport, you can wait and tell them in the car on the way there, or pick them up from school and tell them you’re leaving for Disney RIGHT NOW! The right now surprises tend to be my favorite.   Mostly because my little one is impatient, and when I tell her, she’s going to want to go immediately, hehe.

6. Play a game!

There are quite a few ideas I’ve seen for this. Play Pictionary or Charades where the kids have to guess they are going on a Disney vacation. Give them a puzzle to put together that reveals where they are going, or make your own lottery ticket with Disney as the prize (there are plenty ideas for lottery tickets and puzzles on pinterest).

We could sit here forever with all the ways people have surprised their kids with a trip to Disney.  If you’d like to see more ways than discussed here, check out Pinterest or Youtube.  Seriously, you can sit up for DAYS looking things up on either website.

Clue them in!

Of course, you don’t have to do a big reveal and shock the kids with a Disney trip.  You can tell them about it in advance.  This can make things easier on you because you don’t have to make all the plans yourself (or in private) and the kids can help you pack.  This also allows your child to help plan out the trip, and discuss the things they would really LOVE to do while in Disney.  Trip planning together can be an awesome bonding experience in itself, and just because you aren’t doing a big reveal, doesn’t mean you still can’t make it magical.   You can have a Disney countdown with your family to keep track of the days until you leave, and build the anticipation!


Click here to see other fun ways to countdown to your Disney World vacation!

No matter what way you do it, your children are sure to have a magical time in the most magical place on earth!  Feel free to share how your told your family below!



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