Birthday Parties

So I thought we would take a slight break from all things Disney related, to talk about kids birthday’s in today’s Pinterest obsessed world. Now I totally fall into this category because I love looking at all the creative decorations and extravagant cakes, but I think we can agree our children don’t really need a party that intense.  I was always happy with a cake and doing something fun like going to a roller skating rink with my friends.  But, we do the whole cake thing:

And the themed birthday photos:

(all birthday photos are compliments of Simply Lush Photography. Go check her out!)

We’ve gone with bounce houses, face painters, and balloon twisters:

And we have decorated the house for when she woke up the morning of her birthday:

But what does all this even mean? I think, honestly, what this all boils down to is making our kids feel special.  Maybe it’s because we know the harsh reality of how the world tends to be, and we want to keep them innocent and excited for as long as possible.  Or, maybe it’s simply because it makes them happy, and thus makes us happy.  Personally, I feel like birthdays are personal holidays, and that everyone (even adults) should be made to feel special on their day.   How you do it doesn’t really matter.  This past year we didn’t have a party (we did have cakes with grandparents), but instead of a party we spent the entire day doing whatever Hailey wanted to do.  It was fun, the day was all about her, and I didn’t have to throw a million dollar party. This year, since we are going to Disney for her birthday I was considering having her party the day we leave with close friends and family. Not a huge party more like cake and coffee kind of deal, and then reveal we will be leaving for Disney. So here’s the idea:

A Minnie Mouse themed little party (I know I said no Disney talk, but I lied hehe):

My sister typically makes my daughter’s birthday cakes (she’s a phenomenal baker!), and I can just invite everyone over our house. Then, I’m thinking we use lollipop party services (this is a local Scranton, PA party business) to really kick it up a notch.  Here’s some of the services they provide:

Character meets:

Balloon Twisting:


Face painting:

If you’re interested in seeing more of what they have to offer, check them out here. They are great people, and I highly recommend them if you’re ever looking for party entertainers.

Anyway, the idea is to hire a princess to come towards the end of the party. Princesses typically come, read a story to the kids, have a dance party/play, and help sing happy birthday.  After this, I’m hoping to be able to set it up so that whichever princess is there can help us reveal our impending trip to Disney that evening! I haven’t entirely worked out the details yet since we have a while to go still, but what do you think?  Have any other ideas you think would be better, or that I can incorporate with my current ideas?  I look forward to hearing from you!


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