Disney Planning: Fun FREE organization!

Alright today we are going to get back on the Disney train ! There are a lot of cool ideas, and organization techniques for planning a Disney vacation, and as you can guess you can purchase a lot of these things on Etsy.  Not to say that you shouldn’t purchase something from Etsy because I have, and my stuff is always beautiful, but there are many free templates and downloads available for use if you look hard enough.

Stroller Tags

Let’s start with stroller tags.  If you are going to bring a stroller to Disney, or rent one it would be wise to have a stroller tag to identify which stroller belongs to you.  As you can imagine there will be many strollers, and there are bound to be plenty of the same stroller. (*Note* Disney employees will also move strollers into neat lines while you are on a ride, so it may not be exactly where you left it. A stroller tag will make location much easier.) I advise using a laminated tag so it doesn’t get ruined in the unexpected weather changes in Florida.


Generally, stroller tags will looks something like this ^. You can find them here on Etsy, or you can download some customizable ones:

here , here , here , or here!

Mousekeeping Envelopes

Then we run into mousekeeping! Mousekeeping are the Disney resort staff that will clean your room each night.  It is standard practice to tip.  Obviously, tipping should be based on how many of you are in a room, and how big of a mess you’ve made, but $2 to $5 a night is the average.  I suggest leaving a tip daily instead of the end of the week because who is cleaning your room will most likely change each day. Many people leave an envelope for mousekeeping with their tip inside such as this:


You should leave the tip somewhere they will find it, like on the bed up against the pillow. You can order them through Etsy (of course) at shops like Nick and JoJo. You can also download printable FREE versions of mousekeeping envelopes through other blogs such as: WDW Prep SchoolThe Purple Pumpkin BlogThe Undercover Tourist (I love this one), or The mainstreet mouse.

Autograph Books

If you’re going to Disney with a little one, you’re definitely going to want to get autographs from their favorite characters!  You can, of course, buy the generic Disney autograph books but sometimes they are kind of expensive (for no real reason other than it says “DISNEY” on it). You can also buy pretty impressive ones on Etsy through a shop like It’s Polka Spotted, or we can make our own! So there are a few pretty cool ideas that I like for this.  One is to use a photo album as shown at Dolled up Design.   If you are a Toys R Us rewards club member, check the bottom of your emails! Often, you will find a coupon code for a FREE Shutterfly photo book, and you can use this to make your own customized autograph book (this is what I did)!

Since Hailey is a Princess fan, I designated a page to each princess with enough room for an autograph and to paste a photo of Hailey with that princess.  I also have a few journaling pages, and two pages for all other autographs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This crafty mom used cereal boxes to create her autograph books: She’s a Sassy Lady

You can also buy a Disney Encyclopedia of Characters and have each character sign their page! You can find one of these books through Amazon, Walmart, or Barnes and Nobles for about $7!


You can also get your own FREE printable autograph cards from Sew Cake Bake!

Or go to The Cards We Drew to get FREE autograph pages!

Disney Planning Binder

I’m sure this isn’t shocking, but we also have a Disney planning binder.  All of our trip information including resort information, payments, dining, maps, daily schedules, extras, and pricing are all neatly organized into one binder so it is easy to find.


I found A LOT of FREE printables to help organize this book, and I’m going to share them with you here!

I used WDW prep school for a few downloads, and a general idea of how to lay out my binder.  My binder tabs are General Info, Resort, Dining, Parks, and Extras.

I got most of my FREE printables (including the cover for my binder pictured above) from Lovely Commotion.  They have a lot of very nice printables including travel information, payment tracking, dining reservations, and day planners.

As with all other things, you can pay shops on Etsy like Livies Closet to download their printables. They are pretty, and not super expensive, but I usually opt for FREE on this kind of thing.

Cast Member Appreciation Cards


The cast members of Disney World really do go out of their way to make sure your experience is magical.  Sometimes, being given a “thank you” when all you do is help people have a great vacation can really put you in a great mood!  This is where the idea of Appreciation Cards comes from! Give helpful and lovely cast members a thank you card, right then!

You can find some great FREE cast member printables ( like the one posted above) from WDW prep school.

You can also find FREE printables from Tagrel or Sparkly Ever After. Also feel free to make your own! This would be a great opportunity to have your kids join in on the fun, and allow them to draw their own Thank You’s!

If you really want to show how amazing your experience was, be sure to stop by guest relations, and fill out a card for that CM.  Most CM’s are rewarded for great customer service, or write a thank you to wdw.guest.communications@disneyworld.com.  Be sure you include the cast members name, approx. time and date in which they helped you, and the location so the cast member can get credit from their supervisor.  We all love being acknowledged for a job well done, and so do they! Keep in mind that most of the everyday cast members get paid minimum wage, so a little “extra” thank you can really go a long way (like helping them get a job promotion!)

Until next time ❤


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