What the F**K is Going on?

By now I know we’ve all seen it, the news from Charlottesville. All I’ve been able to say about it thus far has been sharing miscellaneous memes that I feel explain my inner thoughts on the matter in a light-hearted fashion, but let’s be honest for a minute: There is nothing light-hearted about this situation. […]

What’s in a Rose?

Today, my boyfriend stopped at my job to give me a rose before he went away for the weekend.  It was small, and sweet, and of course all of the girls at work thought it was adorable.  But it’s kind of more than that.  I feel like in relationships, especially with social media, we all […]

Saving Yourself

I apologize for the long span between posts.  Between moving, work, and school I have found little desire to do much else. Which is really what led me to this current post. I’ve been in a dark place the last few months, and it’s not something I expect most people to notice.  I try , […]

Disney Planning: Fun FREE organization!

Alright today we are going to get back on the Disney train ! There are a lot of cool ideas, and organization techniques for planning a Disney vacation, and as you can guess you can purchase a lot of these things on Etsy.  Not to say that you shouldn’t purchase something from Etsy because I have, […]

A Dog & His Kid

Hailey really loves animals, and ever since we have moved away from my family’s dogs Hailey has been asking about one. We have been discussing it because although Hailey is only 4, she is extremely good with dogs.   She would play, pet, feed, and lay with my parent’s Golden Retriever every day.  They were […]

Birthday Parties

So I thought we would take a slight break from all things Disney related, to talk about kids birthday’s in today’s Pinterest obsessed world. Now I totally fall into this category because I love looking at all the creative decorations and extravagant cakes, but I think we can agree our children don’t really need a […]

Disney Planning: How do you tell the kids?

I thought today would be a good time for a topic I find extremely enjoyable and exciting! I’m sure you’ve all see the videos of kids excitingly learning they are going on a trip to Disney, I mean, who hasn’t? I’ve looked through this topic quite a bit, and there are a few suggestions on […]